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It is faithful that a positive personality spreads humor and positivity. A great quote has the capability to energize you with positivity and happiness for the rest day. These are amazing and good morning quotes and information which you can dispense with your partners and household members. So download Morning Quotes from our site and share them with your...
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I Love You Quotes
If are you searching or looking for the perfect and best “I love you Quotes'' or lines to describe that incredible feeling? While you're in love with someone you feel something good and you always thing about that person you are in love with, you're anxious to show to your partner the wisdom of your emotions. You want your partner...
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  बेहतर से बेहतर की तलाश करो, मिल जाए नदी तो समंदर की तलाश करो। टूट जाता है शीशा पत्थर की चोट से, टूट जाए पत्थर ऐसा शीशा तलाश करो॥ हवा में ताश का महल नहीं बनता, रोने से बिगड़ा मुकद्दर नहीं बनता। दुनिया जीतने का हौसला रख ऐ दोस्त, एक जीत से कोई सिकंदर नहीं बनता॥ कई जीत बाकी है कई हार बाकी है, अभी तो जिंदगी का सार...