December 6, 2021
Indian Independence Day Quotes

How we Celebrate Indian Independence Day with Date and Year

on 15 August all every in India, the people of India are adorned with the tricolors of the Indian national flag as the country celebrates. This is a day of independence. Everyone feels freedom on this day. The main goal of this day is full of freedom. All buildings and the government place decorate with the tricolor flag. Everywhere we see the green, orange and white colors. Many families enjoy the holidays to dinner outside the house. On Tv 24hr Documentaries, patriotic films, and programs related to India’s freedom. Officially India gained its independence on 15 August 1947 after the British rule 200 years.

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Saluting the Indian flag is show the respect of flag with country

On the holidays of Independence Day, a national holiday, the Indian president decides an address to the nation from his office that is broadcast nationally to celebrate this event. On the morning of 15 August day, the celebration kicks by the prime minister of India. The PM receives a general salute from the guard and army, police, and other force of honor. Which consists of the three wings of the Indian armed forces that are army, navy and air force and the Delhi police also include.

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